Stewart Arvan landed in the UK last year with a fresh way of looking at what it means to fully support a brand.

Taking on a mission to transform Engelsrufer in the UK, to ensure it reaches its full potential and becomes a market leader, Arvan invested a lot of time in visiting existing stockists, finding out their experience with the brand, and discovering what support and products jewellers need in today’s competitive retail climate.

Taking all this on board, Arvan didn’t hesitate to make drastic changes, even renaming the brand to Angel Whisperer for the UK audience and refocusing the message to be on the stories behind the products and collections. And the results came in thick and fast, very early on, with nearly every single existing stockist agreeing to keep the brand on.


It’s safe to say that in a very short period, Arvan has created demand for a brand which was largely unknown to consumers eight months ago.

He has made the brand appeal to this market, grown the customer base in both the UK and Ireland, and created an industry support network to increase the company’s exposure.

Not withstanding all the hard work which has gone into establishing the brand in the UK market, Arvan’s belief that relationships are key to the success of any brand underlies the rapid growth of Angel Whisperer.

And, his focused approach on customer relationships as well as service delivery, has enabled Arvan to quickly build trust with his clients.