Lab-grown diamonds are gaining increasing traction in the UK, not just among the jewellery industry, which has been keeping an eye on its movements stateside for a few years now, but also in the consumer press as big brands such as Carat* London and Atelier Swarovski have made bold moves into this market.

In Europe, Madestones is the leading distributor for lab-grown diamonds, with founder Thierry Silber understanding the important role these stones would play in the market from very early on.

Therefore, its little wonder that UK professionals are turning to Silber to help them develop a lab-grown diamond range to sell in store and market effectively alongside natural stones. And Silber is well equipped to help retailers offer both as he also plays a leading role in family firm, Diamaz International.


Silber is passionate about the benefits of lab-grown diamonds and is proud to have made Madestones a responsible choice for retailers and consumers. Furthermore, he offers his stones at competitive prices and has even started creating full-jewellery designs that have been catching the eye of British jewellery buyers.

In particular, Madestones’ latest line of tennis bracelets, which offers consumers a quality, classic product at exceptional prices, was the talk of IJL and UK jewellers even voted it the Ethical Jewellery Collection of the Year.

There’s no doubt that buyers know who to call when they want their piece of the lab-grown diamond pie.