Mastercut Diamond offers brides a sparkling ‘something borrowed’

Mastercut Diamond has announced it will be offering brides the chance to borrow an exclusive diamond tiara free of charge on their wedding day.

Couples who buy a Mastercut Diamond solitaire ring for more than £2,300, will be eligible to borrow the Mastercut Diamond Tiara, which is worth over £30,000. The tiara can be booked for weddings up to two years in advance of the day.

As an extension of the existing Mastercut Diamond collection, this striking tiara has over 400 individually set diamonds, weighing over 5 carats. Inspired by vintage Edwardian and Victorian styles, its classic design offers an unusual twist for brides looking for ‘something borrowed’ for their wedding day.

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Every Mastercut diamond has a very special symmetrical cut that has been developed to bring out the maximum sparkle in the stone. It has been developed by one of the world’s leading diamond-cutting experts, Jean Paul Tolkowsky. Each stone is a combination of this rich Tolkowsky heritage, stemming from a family who have cut diamonds for generations, along with benefitting from the very latest technological advances that can give Mastercut diamonds maximum sparkle.

Each Mastercut diamond has 89 facets, which is 32 more than a traditional round brilliant diamond. It is also cut with a unique star pattern that can be seen in the stone, which gives it phenomenal brilliance and beauty.



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