Mastercut hosts closing down sale at CMJ event

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It was announced today that Mastercut Diamonds will no longer be available due to loosing its signature stone.

Diamand cutter, Jean Paul Tollowsky, informed the Company of Master Jewellers, the brand’s distribution company, that he can no longer supply Mastercut’s signature diamond.

Chief executive officer, Willie Hamilton, thanked the buying group’s retailers for supporting the brand over the last 16 years and announced Mastercut Diamonds will still exhibiting at the event with closing down offers.

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Mastercut Diamonds was a success in the UK for its signature stone, which featured  89 facets – 32 more than a traditional round brilliant – and a unique star facet in the culet, which directed light through the crown and table, allowing the stone to perform with phenomenal brilliance.

Hamiltion remarked: “Unfortunately Mastercut is no more. It is here today showcasing, but with sales posters up. We have parcelled the product, so unfortunately you can’t cherry pick, but people can take the diamond range and incorporate it into your own stock. Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported them.”

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