Sustainable jewellery brand Matilde Jewellery today launches its very first physical retail space.

The pop-up in Soho’s Ham Yard Village will only stick around for five weeks, closing on Christmas Eve, so fans of the brand need to act fast if they want to see its jewellery in person.

The pop-up will retail Matilde Jewellery’s pieces for both men and women, made in 100% recycled precious metals including 14k yellow and white gold, and with lab-grown diamonds.


The Seasonal Store will be open Mon-Sat, 10am-7pm, and Sundays from 11am-6pm at Matilde Jewellery, Ham Yard Village, 34 Great Windmill Street, London. The brand founder told Professional Jeweller that she hopes to open more of these pop-ups in different cities in the not-too-distant future.

The brand’s website will provide more details on events at the store including bookable ear-piercings and drinks evenings with the brand’s founder, Matilde Mourinho, as well as one-to-one styling experiences.

Mourinho, the daughter of Portuguese football manager José Mourinho, sat down with Professional Jeweller to discuss her first year in business and the launch of the new pop-up.

Matilde Mourinho

She said: “It has been an amazing year, but that’s not to say there haven’t been some challenges. But I feel proud of where we are and how much we have grown in the first year, and I have so many more ideas of things I want to do with the company.”

Discussing lessons learned during that first year of business, and her top tips for people thinking of starting a business, Mourinho commented: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to admit that you don’t know everything. I’m relatively new to the industry and it was so important for me to reach out to people who have more experience than me and just ask for their opinions or help.”

Just under a year after launching, Mourinho says that the new pop-up is one of her proudest achievements to date. “We launched the brand in a time where in person interactions were so limited,” the founder said. “So I am so happy that almost one year later I can really interact with and get to know our customers.”

She went on to mention another recent achievement of which she and the team are particularly proud: “Most recently Matilde Jewellery was shortlisted for the 2021 Professional Jeweller Awards in the Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year category, and I have to say that was a really proud moment.”

Before she rushes back to work, Mourinho tells PJ that the new store will also come with an exclusive set of five piercings, with which customers can be pierced in-store.

She said: “It will include five different piercings, made from our signature 14k recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, and we are really excited for it. We are also working on some really exciting collaborations for 2022 – so stay tuned for that!”

Head to the Matilde Jewellery Soho pop-up before it closes on 24 December, or check out the website for more details on events at the retail space.