Medusa protection, the revolutionary new security system, has partnered with Showcase Hire 4-Interior Ltd to offer added protection to its range of products.

Showcase Hire 4-Interior are now able to provide all showcases to Medusa specification, thus significantly improving the level of security for very high value items displayed in locations such as marquees, foyers and unguarded areas. It has been said this will make the hiring of showcases for the protection and display of precious items a lot easier.

Showcase Hire 4-Interior Ltd is itself the result of a recent merger between the design talents of Showcase Hire and the craftsmanship of 4-Interior. Between them they offer clients complementary skills, innovation, and technical excellence for standalone shops, shop-in-shop concepts, bespoke joinery, and now standard and bespoke high-security showcases to ‘Medusa’ specification


Speaking about the agreement, Showcase Hire 4-Interior’s sales and marketing director, Kimberley Burnell, comments: “Within every industry, partnerships and effective working relationship only make us stronger. With this in mind, Showcase Hire & 4-interior are very happy to announce their partnership with Medusa Protection Limited”

Burnell adds: “The Medusa specification has been developed with the aid of Insurers, the MPS and industry professionals to withstand the increasingly ferocious and sophisticated methods of today’s smash-and-grab thieves, and is a combination of several components – including extra-strong laminated glass – a detection system and a specialised hardening foam response. Together they make the showcase uniquely resistant to smash-and-grab crimes.”

The Medusa mission has always been to protect ‘individual works of art designed and assembled by people who love what they do and created by men and women who are the ultimate professionals’, but not at the cost of distracting or distasteful design. And now this is possible thanks to the Medusa and Showcase Hire 4-Interior’s unique co-operation.

Click here to see Medusa Protection Limited in action.