Museum celebrates delicate Indian enamelling with new range.

A collection of handmade jewellery made using the Indian art of Meenakari is set to debut at the British Museum.

The vibrant collection includes seven bangles and five pairs of earrings that have been handmade in India. The style of the jewellery, featuring blue, green, silver and yerllow enamels, features animal, floral and geometric motifs. Meenakari is an ancient style of enamelling championed by contemporary jewellers such as Alice Cicolini.


In the turn of the 16th century, Raja Man Singh of Amber brought the art of Meenakari to Rajasthan, and Jaipur became the centre of Meenakari after Man Singh brought over skilled craftsmen from the palace of Lahore.

Pieces in the British Museum’s range will cost upwards of £40 RRP, with the collection set to include a slimmer silver bangle with floral imagery costing £60.