The Retail Titans category pays tribute to the figureheads piloting some of the UK’s biggest retail jewellery businesses.

The Retail Titans category is sponsored by Europe’s leader and largest distributor of lab-grown diamonds, Madestones. The lab-grown diamond and diamond jewellery firm was created by Thierry Silber who is the CEO of Diamaz International, the mother company of Madestones, and has 38 years of experience trading diamonds in Antwerp-Belgium.

Lab-grown diamonds are quickly gaining in popularity. When consumers buy diamond jewellery, they now often have a choice between mined and lab-grown. Both alternatives are diamonds with identical physical, chemical and optical characteristics. The difference is their point of origin. Both are equally beautiful, yet being created in a laboratory, lab-grown diamonds are a sustainable choice — they are socially responsible (free of conflict) and environmentally more friendly (no mining impact on nature). As the CEO puts it, Madestones are ‘beautiful to look at’ but are also ‘beautiful in their origin’. Furthermore, colourless Madestones are up to 50% cheaper than their mined counterparts, making them a more accessible product to a larger audience.


Madestones offers round and fancy shapes in size from less than 0.01 carat to over 5 carats, with colour ranging from D to K and the clarity from Internally Flawless to SI2. Besides timeless whites, Madestones offers spectacular colours such as pink, blue and yellow priced at a fraction of their mined counterpart. -Most of the company’s lab-grown diamonds larger than 0.30ct are certified and laser inscribed by the International Gemmological Institute and state clearly that they are lab-grown diamonds.

Adam Spiers, director, Michael Spiers
Anna Blackburn, managing director, Beaverbrooks
Harry Brown, director, Chisholm Hunter
Joe Walsh, managing director, Laings
Simon Walton, managing director, Berry’s
Tobias Kormind, director, 77 Diamonds