The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepping down from their royal duties and moving stateside coincided with the coronavirus outbreak causing many to go into lockdown, so up until now it’s been impossible to know the impact this might have on Meghan Markle’s fashion choices going forward.

Today, however, Smart Works released a video of the influential royal wishing a young woman good luck with a job interview during a video call.

In this clip it is clear to see that Meghan Markle continues to champion three trends she became known for when it comes to jewellery: British brands, sustainability, and meaningful designs.


In the video Meghan Markle is wearing an evil eye pendant from London-based, ethical jewellery brand, Edge of Ember.

The pendant, which is crafted in 18ct gold-plate and adorned with blue topaz, is said to “protect its wearer from negative vibes” – an appropriate symbol for the task she was wearing it for and the times the world finds itself in.

Furthermore, the piece costs £135, which shows the young royal heading back to her affordable jewellery roots that consumers loved her for when she first started dating Prince Harry – not that her more expensive pieces has stopped fans trying to copy her wardrobe.

Unsurprisingly, the evil eye necklace has sold out since the Duchess’ appearance in it.

Meghan Markle has a number of pieces from Edge of Ember, including another lucky charm pendant featuring a four-leaf clover. She also owns the gold Wave earrings and wore them during her visit to London’s National Theatre during her last trip to the UK in March.

With the piece selling out within the same day she was being spotted in the pendant, it’s clear that ‘Megxit’, the term dubbed to signify the Duke and Duchess stepping down from royal duties and moving to America, has not had an impact on her influence in the jewellery industry.

It also shows that people are still buying jewellery during the pandemic, especially if it is worn by a fashion icon they admire. Find out more about the trends Meghan Markle champions below:

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