The ‘Meghan Markle Effect’ has enabled a UK jewellery designer to donate £10,000 to charity.

After Meghan Markle was spotted wearing a £280 ‘Love’ pendant by Sophie Lis during her final royal duties, sales for this piece soared and the designer decided to donate 10% of profits to animal welfare charity, Wild at Heart Foundation.

In the end, £10,000 was raised from the sales of the necklace the Duchess wore.


Taking to Instagram to share the new, Sophie Lis write: “We are so happy to announce we have donated £10, 000 from sales of love pendants in the past two months to this incredible cause.

“With special thanks to @sussexroyal for raising awareness and hence funds for this wonderful charity.”

Sharing a snap of Meghan Markle wearing the necklace, she adds: “Huge thanks to this amazing lady for raising so much awareness and money to help so many dogs in such desperate need.”

The medallion carries the engraving ‘Qu’hier’ after a diamond encrusted plus sign, and ‘Que Demain’ followed by a ruby minus sign.

The message on the pendant is borrowed from the French poem ‘The Eternal Song’.

The reference translates to: “Every day I love you more, more than yesterday less than tomorrow.”

Wild at Heart Foundation has posted its gratitude for the Duchess and the designer on social media as well. The charity writes: “When the Duchess of Sussex was spotted wearing the pendant, it struck a chord with fans the world over. Not only are we delighted to see Sophie’s stunning creation get the publicity it deserves, this royal seal of approval led to a rush of sales.

“But nothing could have prepared us for the good news Sophie shared with us last week – we were utterly blown away when she let us know that she would be donating an incredible £10,000 to the charity.

“Thanks to this incredible donation, we’ll be able to embark upon new projects and reach thousands more dogs in need, helping to end the suffering of even more strays and give them the chance to lead the life they deserve.”