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Members make record-breaking number of orders at Houlden 2021 meeting


Houlden Group has reported that its jeweller members made more orders than ever before at last month’s two-day event.

The September meeting for suppliers and members reportedly exceeded the previous record for sales made at one Houlden event by 100%.

A record 50 suppliers showcased their product at the event which was the organisation’s first in-person meeting for members and suppliers in 18 months.

Helen Haddow, CEO of Houlden, commented: “The latter two highlight the many benefits of shared insights and a mutual focus on achieving success gained from being part of a close-knit dynamic membership organisation.

“Much thought and care goes into selecting our preferred suppliers to ensure an exciting breadth and range to reflect the different and varying needs of our members.

“In addition, the shared monthly purchasing data not only assists in the buying process but also helps identify those suppliers leading the charge.”

Haddow added: “Sharing the issues and challenges posed by synthetic diamonds and providing a platform for constructive debate and support is very much part of the Houlden advantage.

“Members are there for each other and one of the most pleasing aspects of the autumn meeting was the strong feeling of solidarity and belief in the collective strength of being part of Houlden – especially when tackling challenges like those raised by the advent of lab-grown diamonds.

“All of which are boosted by the unique buying opportunity available at these events.”


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