As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, security training firm, StoneHawk, is offering complimentary webinars and articles to the UK jewellery trade.

Founded in 2017, StoneHawk provides bespoke armed robbery prevention training and full security reviews to brands in the United Kingdom and Ireland. StoneHawk has rapidly grown to be respected for its effective training and continues to strengthen retail and manufacturing businesses against crime.

As business owners and staff start to return to work, StoneHawk wants to offer complimentary support on security, as well as mental health/well-being.


Managing director of StoneHawk, Simon Wilson, says: “The primary role of StoneHawk protecting the trade against smash and grab crime is still very much there, however, StoneHawk is ever-present and supports those in the industry that are in need of mental and emotional support. StoneHawk is not just a crimefighting organisation, it is very much in touch with the humane side of the trade and as such actively plays a key role in not-for-profit activity with authorities in the mental health and well-being field.

“Due to the high number of staff that leave the trade or are negatively affected due to the trauma associated with robbery crime, the conversation and support in this emotive area has always been acknowledged by StoneHawk. We are proud to have Daniel as part of our team; he is providing the mental health/well-being complimentary support and guidance as the trade builds towards the return to work.”

Mental Health Consultant at StoneHawk, Daniel Darwin, adds: ‘These are scary and anxious times for us all. Therefore, looking after your mental health has become even more important. We cannot deny that we will are returning to a world that is very much changed to the one before lockdown. We will have to accept that Covid-19, even with as many measures and precautions put in place will not be slipping quietly into the goodnight any time soon, people will be exposed to it during their commute to/from work and in their workplace.

“Training key employees as mental health first aiders offers part of a longer-term approach strategy to support their colleagues in the workplace and sign posting them to relevant support services and promoting a positive culture towards mental health.”

Should you wish to discuss any of the aspects above, or have concerns that StoneHawk can assist you with, contact the team here: