Latest statement says alarms were triggered during deposit box raid.

The latest statement from Scotland Yard has admitted that officers were alerted to an intruder alarm at Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd on Good Friday but did not respond.

The statement, which is likely to cause anger among the 70 victims whose deposit boxes were looted, admits the Metropolitan Police’s central communications command received a call from the Southern Monitoring Alarm Company at 00.21 on Good Friday.


The call is reported to have stated that an intruder alarm had been tripped in the building. Yet for unknown reasons the call was graded in a way that meant police were not rushed to the scene – perhaps putting it at a lower priority to more serious violent crimes. 

The report states: “The call was recorded and transferred to the police’s CAD (computer-aided despatch) system. A grade was applied to the call that meant that no police response was deemed to be required. We are now investigating why this grade was applied to the call. This investigation is being carried out locally.”

Scotland Yard have said it is too soon to say if the handling of the call had an impact on the outcome of the raid.

This news now adds to speculation that the thieves had several days to loot the premises without being disturbed.