Former NAG chief exec seeking projects to "get his teeth into".

Former NAG chief executive Michael Hoare has launched his own consultancy business offering members of the jewellery industry services such as strategy building, communication and staff development plans.

Hoare stepped down from his role at the NAG earlier this year having been at its helm for 12 years. He has created a website under his own name to coincide with the launch of the consultancy service, which is now live.


Hoare said of his consultancy service: "After more than 12 years running the NAG it’s been a relief to take my foot off the gas for a couple of months but now I’m looking for some interesting projects to get my teeth into again.

"Jewellers [who have] read the books and done the courses already know their businesses need a clear strategy, perceptive communications and public affairs nous to ensure fruitful engagement with their stakeholders – be they clients, media, or the public – but they just don’t have the time or confidence to do the work."

Hoare says he will offer strategy development services tailored to the present and future needs of his clients and can devise effective communications for clients, mappinh routes for clients’ staff and personal development.

He was involved in the launch of several industry initatives at the NAG including the SaferGems program and the NAG’s Executive Development Forum (EDF). He has also worked on the creation of the Responsible Jewellery Council.