Michel Herbelin UK to sell direct to consumers


Online concept will allow local stockists to earn 90% of normal margin

Michel Herbelin UK will relaunch its website in a few weeks and will sell direct to consumers through a new concept that allows local retail stockists to earn up to 90 percent of their normal margins for watches sold online.

Michel Herbelin UK said that it is keen not to shut out its retail partners and has devised a stragegy that will see stockists earn commission on any watches sold through the new site.

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When shoppers buy a watch through the site, which will stock the brand’s entire range, they will be asked to choose a local stockist based on their postcode. This retailer will then automatically earn 20 percent of the full retail price of the watch, which Michel Herbelin UK said equates to about 40 percent to 50 percent of a retailer’s normal margin.

To encourage retailers to push their own customers to the new site, Michel Herbelin UK is creating unique links for each of its retail stockists to promote on their own websites. If a sale is made as a result of a shopper clicking through from this link the retailer will receive the full margin they would have achieved for the watch, less a 10 percent fee to cover the free postage, free packaging and free sizing offered through the site.

Michel Herbelin UK’s Suzie Brooks said: “We are acting as an umbrella for our stockists; it would be impossible for them to show Michele Herbelin’s whole collection and keep it up to date.

“We’re trying to avoid the situation where shoppers will use bricks-and-mortar retailers just for research and then buy online, cutting out the stores that invest in the brand. We don’t supply online retailers, and through our site we want to give our stockists a slice of the online pie.”

Brookes said that the reaction from retailers to the concept has been “excellent” on the whole, although she admitted that some retailers have found the concept difficult to grasp. “There have been a few that don’t understand and think we’re cutting them out, but we’re really not,” said Brookes.

The new site will be live in the next few weeks and has been created in conjunction with web designer Popcorn.

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