School amalgamates programme with new BA Design Craft degree.

By Arta Ertekin

The BA Jewellery & Metalwork degree at Middlesex University is set to wind down in 2014, with plans to re-focus the school’s jewellery teaching with the development of a new and wider-reaching undergraduate programme.


According to the head of Middlesex University’s Department of Fashion and Interiors Graeme Brooker: "To balance priorities given to skills based teaching, creative enquiry, material thinking, critical analysis, and cultural theories across our School of Art and Design, the jewellery area is leading on the development of a new and wider undergraduate programme with international reach: BA Design Craft, which will be promoted from 2014.

"We’ve made major investments in design-making and creative craft technologies and in line with these our strategy is to offer opportunities which encourage students to collaborate beyond their own specialist field, interacting with our research and practitioner communities."

Brooker says that students taking up the Design Craft degree can choose to specialise in jewellery or other skills such as ceramics. "We’re excited about the potential to encourage enterprising makers and creative artisans to challenge the boundaries of craft traditions,” he added.

The last students of the current jewellery programme will complete their degree in 2015/2016 and will work together with the new BA Design Craft programme.