An important age range for the bridal jewellery market are looking to buy an engagement ring that has been ethically sourced.

According to a report by national jeweller, Goldsmiths, ‘ethically sourced’ is high on millennial’s list of priorities when thinking about an engagement ring purchase.

In fact, almost a third of 18-24-year olds stated that this was an essential selling point for them when picking out an engagement ring.


Goldsmiths’ executive director, Craig Bolton, comments: “It’s great to see the growing interest, especially among the younger generations, in how diamonds are sourced too. We pride ourselves on this by ensuring our diamond suppliers have signed up to the Kimberley Process which guarantees our diamonds are ethically sourced.”

Understanding the importance of sustainable luxury to today’s consumer, Tiffany & Co launched a new diamond source initiative, which will see the brand disclosing an engagement ring’s entire journey from mine to finger to consumers.

It is believed many leading brands will follow suite now the standards have been laid out by the American competitor.

With Meghan Markle also advocating for ethical jewels, having worn Pippa Small on multiple occassions and recently stepping out in lab-grown diamond earrings, experts predict the industry will experience greater demand for transparency this year.