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Mishca gets mythical with Methamorphoses jewels

The Syrinx earrings by Mishca are part of the brand's new collection due to launch at IJL.

New line, to launch at IJl, inspired by Ovid’s stories.

British jewellery brand Mishca Jewels London is set to unveil a new collection at IJL in September, inspired by the tales of Ovid and metamorphosis.

The collection, made in sterling silver and gold vermeil, is inspired by ancient myths of transformation as told by the Roman poet Ovid.

Items in the new collection take their names from mythical figures while the designs portray the shapes of the metamorphosis into serpents, trees, and swans.

A release from the brand said: “Mishca celebrates the idea of alchemical change implicit in Greek myth, poetry and jewellery design. Such a theme honours both the spirit of feminine beauty and independence for these women, who whilst capable of enticing gods were capable of evading their clutches”.

The collection includes serpentine forms of bangles, leafy laurel necklaces and earrings and pendants inspired by the myth of Cygnus which celebrate Cygnus’ transformation into a swan.



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