Sealing and duplicate reports services halted ahead of investigation.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has suspended its sealing services and duplicate reports services after receiving a sealed diamond that did not match the accompanying data label.

The GIA is now working with an outside corporate investigation firm to examine the circumstances surrounding the diamond submission and to determine the source of the sealing packet.


Diamond sealing involves putting a stone in a secure tamper-resistance package, complete with a data label explaining the stone’s key characteristics. This process is normally reserved for the investment market, with only one tenth of 1% of GIA clients requesting them, according to a JCK report.

Duplicate reports – allowing clients to replace lost or stolen gem reports – has also been suspended at the request of the GIA’s ReportCheck division.

Clients with concerns about a GIA-sealed diamond are being encouraged to submit the unopened sealing packet for examination. The GIA will then verify that the diamond matches the report information and return it in a fresh sealing packet at no charge.

No information has yet been given as to whether the two services will be available in the future.