An innovative new jewellery brand has landed in the market, with a new fine jewellery offer, which offers vast customisation options.

Jewellery is a form of self-expression and individual style. Today more than ever, consumers seek fine jewellery pieces that reflect their personality and tell a personal story. Putting each person´s individuality as the centerpiece is what jewellery manufacturer Mojools is aiming to accomplish with its brand new offer.

Mojools is pioneering a new jewellery brand, derived from a combination of mechanical engineering with 3D printing and jewellery, which enables endless customisation and styling in fine jewellery.


Mojools believes to be the first company to offer personalised jewellery to this degree. Its innovation lies in its patent-pending micro mechanisms which are embedded in the jewels and allow its independent ornamental elements (“mojools”) that are attached onto the rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and cufflinks to be easily removed and interchanged with other mojools.

The jewels together with their embedded mechanisms are entirely made of precious metal and they are the result of two years R&D. The mechanism’s design has been optimised in order to keep its size particularly small while achieving simultaneously security of the interlocking and effortless operation by hand without requiring a tool. Furthermore, its small size allows the autonomous mounting of multiple mojools on a jewellery base.

Each mojool is available in up to three distinctive sizes. Customers, therefore, have endless possibilities of customisation of their jewellery pieces to match their personal preferences, create multiple styles and design exquisite pieces of personal value that represent a person, a memory, a feeling or an object.

Mojools is digitising jewellery utilising 3D design and 3D printing and is able to produce designs with unprecedented accuracy and detail. It gives absolute emphasis on the quality of its products and offers a lifetime warranty for the operation of their interlocking mechanism. Mojools’ customer-centric approach turns clients into co-creators as they are actively involved in the styling of their jewellery pieces.

Mojools will showcase its groundbreaking jewel type at Inhorgenta Munich, February 14-17, 2020 at Hall B2 booth #414.

To see how Mojools works, please watch this video:

For more information, retailers and wholesalers can contact Mojools via