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Mojools joins the likes of Chanel in making protective face shields


Jewellery brand Mojools, which landed in the market at Inhorgenta Munich, has joined the likes to Chanel and turned its hand at manufacturing protective face shields to help doctors and nurses coming into contact with people that have been infected by coronavirus.

While Mojools is a new brand on the block, it has a rich 3D printing background, which forms the basis of its innovative jewellery concept.

Even though the company has stopped offering its 3D services in order to focus on Mojools, the business knew it had to step in and use its skills to help during the pandemic.

Mojools co-founder, Periklis Galanakis, explains: “In February we announced as B3D (our parent company) that we will stop offering 3D printing services because we wanted to focus just on Mojools.

“3D printing is our ‘core’ in Mojools and our innovation is based on our 3D printing background. Mojools had been a B3D’s side project for the last 2.5 years and some weeks ago became a company on its own. However, it would be unethical if we didn’t do our best at this difficult time. What we do and what we will be doing for the following weeks is volunteering. We are not getting paid for the shields we produce and we also sponsor our production since all the materials we use are paid from our side. We have been informed that sponsorships from big companies will follow but I cannot tell when that will happen.”

Located in Greece, Mojools is helping many on the frontline with its facilities.

“We are doing this because COVID-19 is so contagious as a virus and hospitals’ workforce is much more vulnerable than anyone else,” says Galanakis. “Every day, they contact with people who are infected by the virus and the face shields we are (3D) printing protect them so much better.”

The method being used by Mojools is being used worldwide and has all the approvals needed to be considered safe and secure.

The country currently needs 500 face shields to be delivered on April 1 (they have already been produced) and 7,000 pieces have to be produced over the following week.

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