British jewellery brand Monica Vinader has launched a bracelet in support of Women for Women International’s She Inspires Me campaign.

The She Inspires Me campaign recognises the achievements and the vital contribution that women make every day all over the world that often go unwitnessed and unrecognised.

The aim is that by sharing with others the woman who inspire us, the campaign will create a chain of inspiration that will connect supporters and give women the motivation to act on their aspirations and hopes.


As part of this campaign Monica Vinader has designed exclusively for Women for Women International, a #SheInspiresMe Friendship bracelet, featuring delicate rose gold ellipse and fine silver metallica cord, representing strength.

The bracelet is etched with #SheInspiresMe on the reverse, and fans are encouraged to add the name of a woman who is a personal inspiration to the front, using the brand’s complimentary engraving service. You can then keep it or share it as a touching gift with the woman who inspires you.

All profits from sales of the bracelet will be donated directly to the charity.

Chief executive officer and founder, Monica Vinader, says: “It’s an honour to be supporting Women for Women International. Every woman has the right to thrive, and this organisation provides the help needed to make that vision a reality, in extremely challenging circumstances. Wearing this friendship bracelet is a symbol of the support and sisterhood that WfWI so admirably promotes.”

The bracelet launched in this month (October) to coincide with the launch of the She Inspires Me campaign, which is asking people to share the names of the women who inspire them and why via social media using #SheInspiresMe. It could be your mother, best friend, wife or mentor.

“I love the message behind the Monica Vinader #SheInspiresMe bracelet – we are all connected to a woman who has inspired us and made a difference in our lives,” explains Brita Fernandez Schmidt, executive director, Women for Women International (UK).

She continues: “This collaboration with Monica Vinader will raise vital funds to help transform women’s lives in war-torn countries but it is also a beautiful symbol of the #SheInspiresMe ripple effect – something I think resonates with every woman around the world, no matter where we live. We all know women in our lives who are not only changing the world around them, but also giving others the strength to do so.”

Fuelled by women around the world, the She Inspires Me campaign will help Women for Women International raise the vital funds needed to support more women in conflict zones, from Afghanistan to the Democratic Republic of Congo, to fulfil their potential and improve their lives.

Supporters joining the campaign include Women for Women Ambassadors Alice Temperley, Thomasina Meirs, Zara Martin, Arizona Muse and Myanna Buring.