Montblanc wants to find out the identity of companies selling fake Montblanc pens so that it can sue them for copyright infringement.

Brand demands identity of AdWord users selling fake goods.

Jewellery and watch brand Montblanc is taking Google to court to obtain the identity of companies advertising counterfeit Montblanc goods through Google’s AdWord programme.

Montblanc said that it has been forced to go to court after receiving complaints from its cuistomers who were tricked by the fake websites into buying counterfeit goods.


The brand is demanding that Google reveal the identity of the companies advertising such goods so that it can sue them for copyright infringement.

The adverts concerned fake Montblanc pens selling through Google UK, but after the UK division of the internet company was unable to provide sufficient information about the identity of the AdWords advertisers Montblanc has taken up the case with the US headquarters of Google.

Court documents unearthed by TechCrunch read: “Montblanc has attempted to determine the identity of the advertisers through numerous alternative means, with no success. Because the identity of the advertisers is in the exclusive possession of Google, and Montblanc has no other source from which to obtain the requested information, Montblanc has no choice but to file this complaint in Equity for a Bill of Discovery in order to enforce its trademark rights.”