Muehle-Glashuette equips new Greenpeace ship

Maker of nautical instruments and watches equips Rainbow Warrior III.

Rainbow Warrior III, the new Greenpeace ship scheduled for completion in early autumn in Bremen, Germany, will feature a newly developed marine time system from Muehle-Glashuette, makers of nautical instruments and timepieces.

After a year of development, the new TCS-1 marine master clock from Muehle-Glashuette will be installed for the first time on a sailing ship.

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The TCS-1 (Time Control System) will run in test mode on board the Rainbow Warrior III from September. Great emphasis has been placed on environmentally compatible technology in the design of the 58-metre long ship, which has large sails of 1,300m sq., the main means of propulsion.

The TCS-1 is the control centre for the Rainbow Warrior III’s automatic clock system. As the main clock, it supplies the time protocol for five secondary clocks and all the integrated automatic systems on board the new Greenpeace ship.

The system ensures, for example, that time zone and daylight-saving time changes are made quickly and automatically by obtaining precise time from GPS signals, or a very accurate real time clock if no GPS connection is available.

The TCS-1 transmits the time over the on-board ethernet or through RS485 data cables to the ship’s secondary clocks, which form an integral part of the clock system on board the Rainbow Warrior III.

With both data transfer systems, the secondary clocks are in continuous contact with the main clock and synchronise themselves automatically with the transmitted time. This saves the crew from having to synchronise the clocks manually, which can often prove to be very time-consuming.

This arrangement allows even the most extensive clock systems to be controlled from a central location. The various settings can be made on the TCS-1 using its bright, dimmable touch-screen display. Configuration of the main clock can also be performed on a PC connected to the Ethernet LAN or even with a smartphone over a WLAN access point.

Up to three time zones can be displayed on the clock. Universal Time Coordinated and Local Time by analogue displays and a further time zone (when at sea, for example, the time in the ship’s home port or destination port) on a digital display.

Five secondary clocks, which can be found in the captain’s quarters, crew’s mess and radio room among other places, are already installed on the ship. The installation of the TCS-1 will follow before the end of September with the Greenpeace flagship set for launch on October 14.



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