Marketing website The Drum analysed the UK’s top five multiple jewellery retailers to found out which business boasts a diamond e-commerce execution.

In an online report, The Drum compares the performances of H Samuel, Ernest Jones, Beaverbrooks, Goldsmiths and F. Hinds, looking at traffic, paid campaigns, communication and landing pages to draw conclusions about each business.

Analysing the traffic of these five sites, The Drum says H. Samuel and Ernest Jones dominate with twice the amount of traffic of the rest of the jewellers put together. It reports: “This lead in the race for traffic will give both an advantage over their competitors and will lend itself as a solid base from which a successful e-commerce execution can be built”.


When it comes to paid campaigns, Goldsmiths is driving the largest amount of AdWord traffic, which The Drum says is unsurprising given its investment into keywords. The multiple jeweller, which is part of Aurum Holdings, is buying just under double the amount of keywords compared to Signet’s UK retailers H Samuel and Ernest Jones. The report cites that F. Hinds is making a miniscule investment compared to its competitors.

In addition, Goldsmiths is also leading the way when it comes to the number of unique landing pages for its top 100 AdWords, with just over 50% having a designated page.

The Drum explains: “By differentiating and segmenting its market, Goldsmiths will be taking their users to hwere they want to be in fewer steps and will be driving sales as a result.”

F.Hinds however only has 14 unique landing pages for its top 100 AdWords, making it harder for consumers to find the page they need.

Looking at the jeweller’s online ‘toolbox’, which The Drum describes as tools in place to help understand the customer needs, the report reveals only Goldsmiths has a full toolbox, with Google analytics, on-page analytics, split testing and a voice of the consumer all present in its e-commerce execution.

Signet’s retailers are missing split-testing tools, while Beaverbrooks and F. Hinds are both only using basic analytics.

The Drum’s conclusions? In terms of scale, H Samuel and Ernest Jones are battling out for the number one spot, however both retailers need to listen to the customer better online and improve its e-commerce performance.

The Drum says F. Hinds is the poorest online performer, stating to improve in needs to invest in paid campaigns and its landing page, as well as employ a full set of digital tools.

Overall, The Drum names Goldsmiths as the smartest e-commerce performer. Goldsmiths has everything in place to target consumers and make sure those who land on their pages are more likely to spend money, then move on to one of its rivals.

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