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Multiple jeweller ramps up UNOde50 order as sales soar


Multiple fashion jewellery retailer, David Christopher, has rolled out UNOde50 into all ten of its stores following initial success with the brand.

David Christopher originally placed UNOde50 into just four of its stores, but as sales have soared, the retailer has now decided to stock the brand in all ten.

Director Andrew Warr, who recently visited the brand’s HQ in Madrid, believes the brand performs so well because it is unique.

He tells Professional Jeweller: “There is nothing else like it but most importantly, consumers get such a statement piece of jewellery for an affordable price.”

Warr also admits his staff are passionate about the brand and this aids sales too.

The items that sell well are mainly bracelets and necklaces, and the brand now has an established core line within the David Christopher Group


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