Jewellers asked to adopt NAG Code of Practices at IJL.

The National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) called for all jewellers to commit to responsible sourcing at International Jewellery London (IJL) earlier this week, in a bid to strengthen the industry’s consumer confidence, reduce business risk and respond to changing chopping trends.

NAG chief executive officer Michael Rawlinson urged jewellers to adopt its Code of Practice on responsible sourcing, which focuses on social and ethical considerations when buying and selling products, if they hope to “stand up to increasing legal, financial, operational and reputational risks in a highly competitive and evolving industry”.


Rawlinson commented: “Retailers are accountable and answerable to their customers, and, in an age of such exposure and technological advances in online shopping, jewellers must face up to changing consumer habits and trends if they are to maintain sustained business growth and reputation.

“We are urging all jewellers to follow a handful of simple rules of communication and processes that will ultimately allow them to capitalise on responsible sourcing and effective supply chain management. The application of honest, consistent selling will pay dividends to the business. We stand for the industry’s ongoing strength.”

The NAG’s Code of Practice requires clear information and product descriptions to be given to customers; no false or misleading product claims; information to be relayed on required product special care, and for directors to be held responsible for information relayed to customers by their staff.

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