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NAJ hails technology showcase a great success


The National Association of Jewellers welcomed over 100 visitors to a technology and security showcase at the Goldsmiths Centre last week.

Working with industry-leading providers, the NAJ shined a light on the latest machinery and innovations which can protect professionals and their staff, streamline the manufacturing processes and add value to any jewellery business.

NAJ Ambassador, Lindsey Straughton, shares: “The participating companies had the opportunity to showcase new products, and as a result the word is now spreading about new technology, security services and of course the new screening boxes for synthetic diamonds. The NAJ will now build on the success of this year’s event”.

Feedback revealed trade professionals felt it was in a perfect location, presented excellent networking opportunities, and was a real eye-opener to the innovation currently happening in the trade.

Exhibitors said the showcase was worthwhile, with many making key contacts during the one-day event.

NAJ chief executive officer, Simon Forrester, shares: “Thank you to all our exhibiting partners for supporting the event. It was an exciting way of presenting cutting edge technology. We are already looking into new dates for next year’s showcase, which is likely to place in Birmingham, on a weekday in October”.

Companies that are looking to promote new technologies and services are encouraged to contact the NAJ regarding exhibiting opportunities.


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