The National Association of Jewellers is offering free access to its online JET Essentials programme to help shop floor staff stay engaged with the trade while the stores are closed. 

The programme, which is designed to give students a strong grounding and appetite to progress in their own jewellery journey, is a precursor to the well-respected JET Certificate and Diploma, and promises to help develop confidence to better serve the needs of customers in the future.

As part of the offer, jewellers will be able to select one module from a possible 12 with knowledge and understanding tested by a short quiz, as part of the online learning experience.


The 12 modules to choose from include: Security, Jewellery, Rings, Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver, Hallmarking, Design, Manufacturing, Silverware and Gifts, Watches and Clocks, Selling and Customer Care.

The NAJ launched the Jewellery Education and Training (JET) Essentials programme last October and it has already proven to be an invaluable development opportunity for new people joining the industry and more experienced professionals updating their knowledge.

Students who would like to learn more than one module can enrol on the full JET Essentials programme where they will have the option of choosing a further three modules to study. They will then gain credits which will be counted towards the JET Professional Jewellers’ Certificate.

Marie Garnett, head of education at the NAJ, says: “In these challenging times, we wanted to support our members and their staff by offering a way for them to stay engaged with their jewellery learning. Focusing on a positive future seems like the most constructive thing we can do in the uncertain present. We hope that colleagues will enjoy the free learning on offer and that it will pay dividends for them and their businesses very soon.”

HiUP App, the platform hosting the programme, has offered to provide additional administrative support to help new students enrol, but this doesn’t mean enrolments should be limited to business hours as the online learning platform is accessible around the clock.