The National Association of Jewellers has opened up its Jet Network Congress to non-members for the first time this year.

The 2017 Jet Business Network Congress will look at how to unlock the value of your staff.

This year six key speakers have been handpacked by the Association to share their experiences and methodologies. Including – a record breaking athlete, an award winning entrepreneur, a representative from the Chartered Institute of Management and three inspiring leadership and performance experts.


The NAJ says: “No business should be an island when we can share experiences to enable us to be more successful.”

The session of the day will be as follows:

Ignore the problem at your own cost – discussing the cost, both financial and in managerial time, of ignoring HR issues, how to avoid these and some options to consider when you find yourself in trouble.

Managing and motivating millennials – recruiting to get the right kind of millennial, inducting training and progression and employing in the social media age.

Managing inconsistent performance – practical tips on how to give performance feedback, how to manage day-to-day performance and how to have that difficult performance-related conversation.

Whether you’re selling Big Macs or diamond rings, it’s all about people – how to harness the power of your People and Process; how to build a highly engaged, high performing team and How to turn a moody teenager who wouldn’t clean their room at home, into a productive employee, within days.

Better work-life balance can improve your business (as well as your health) – how your working style and that of your staff members can impact work-life balance and the bottom line. How to guard against burn-out.  Learn to avoid the 7 pitfalls which can be detrimental to the success, productivity and wellbeing of you and your staff that stem from a work-life imbalance.

‘Team Work To Triumph!’ – The “Arch to Arc” Challenge- the parallels of running a successful business that include: planning the detail, setting the right environment, overcoming obstacles, handling failures, and ultimately celebrating success.

The 2017 Jet Business Network Congress will take place Wednesday, June 7 at De Vere Oxford Thames (formely Four Pillars).

The event, which attracts NAJ members from all over the UK, kick starts at 9am and closes at 4.30pm.