The National Associations of Jewellers has partnered with digital currency provider Dash to launch a survey in the industry to find out how the jewellery trade feels about alternative currencies.

Together, the NAJ and Dash are inviting industry professionals to take part in a Digital Currency Survey, to help the two companies understand the perceptions and attitudes towards alternative currencies.

NAJ industry ambassador, Lindsey Straughton, shares: “The NAJ have partnered with Dash on the production of this survey as we as a trade association need to look to the future to understand how the environment in which our members operate will be affected by technology and whether its power can be harnessed to increase profitability.


“The survey helps us and the digital currency experts Dash to gather perceptions and track current usage of this type of payment in the jewellery sector. The survey also enlightened me on the benefits of using Digital Currencies therefore it’s a good idea to complete the survey even if digital currency is not something you’re familiar with.”

Large companies like Microsoft, Paypal and Subway are already accepting crypto currencies because it improves cash flow and offers savings on transfers and this digital currency could soon be making its way into the jewellery world.

The results of the survey will enable Dash to tailor its offering to meet the needs of the industry.

project manager of Dash team, Stuart Bean, adds: “Dash is really pleased to be working with the UK jewellery industry. The survey the NAJ has sent out on our behalf, provides an important way of us finding out how we can help NAJ members to integrate the use of this rapidly expanding cryptocurrency into their business.  We are offering Dash prizes to some lucky winners, who complete the survey. We look forward to working with jewellery and gold businesses in the UK over the coming months.”

Participants can be any UK jewellery or gold business, and on completing the survey all will be entered into a prize draw to win one of ten prize.

To participate, simply complete the survey by November 13.