The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) is set to give an unprecedented focus to the subject of lab-grown diamonds in its upcoming NAJ Summit 2021.

Within the NAJ Summit 2021 will be the Institute of Registered Valuers’ Conference, taking place across all three days.

The 11-13 September event will be held at the De Vere Staverton Estate in Northampton, and will host multiple speakers on the topic of lab-grown diamonds to reflect their growing presence in the industry.


Julia Griffith, founder of The Gem Academy, will host a workshop titled ‘Identifying Laboratory-Grown Diamonds’ and will demonstrate possible ways of identifying stones and the limitations of testing.

Her session will include basic observation skills, magnetism, UV reactions, strain effects under crossed-polarised filters, as well as commercially available screening equipment.

Griffith said: “My practical workshop will give attendees the rare chance to handle a range of laboratory-grown diamonds that exhibit tell-tale features that disclose their artificial origin.

“Beginners will gain insight into when a definitive conclusion for origin can be made and when further testing with advanced instrumentation is required.

“Those with more experience will have a chance to see features and perform tests that they may have only read about previously.

“All attendees will gain awareness of the possibilities and, more importantly, the limitations posed upon us when testing for laboratory-grown diamonds.”

Elsewhere, Richard P Taylor, company director of Taylor & Co Valuations, will dedicate one of three masterclasses at the Valuers’ Conference to ‘Managing the Risks and Embracing the Opportunities’ of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Finally, Andrew Fellows, gemmology and diamond lecturer at Birmingham City University, will deliver a third session that delves into the history of synthetics and the technology that is now out there to grow them, including HPHT and CVD methods.

As part of his workshop, Fellows will have a range of samples of different laboratory-grown diamond forms to inspire and educate attendees.

IRV administrator, Sandra Page, said: “Laboratory-grown diamonds and the importance of accurate disclosure and detection are relevant topics right now.

“I am thrilled that the Valuers’ Conference can host not one but three specialists who can shine a spotlight on this topic and share their insights in a way that’s relevant to retailers, valuers, gemmologists and brand owners.”