The National Association of Jewellers has announced it will now actively raise public awareness of the unification of the two-long standing UK industry bodies.

To start making the wider public aware a notice will be placed in two national newspapers – The Times and The Daily Telegraph – on Monday February 29.

The start of 2016 has seen the launch of the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ), formed by joining of the British Jewellers’ Association and the National Association of Goldsmiths. With its inclusive membership comprising the gamut of suppliers, service providers and retailers, the primary aim of the NAJ is to speak for, and act on behalf of, the industry as a whole.


While the Association acts to promote, protect and provide for the industry, its key focus of attention is the consumer. A vital objective of the NAJ is to raise consumer confidence in the purchase of jewellery in order to increase the industry’s market size. Through a newly-established Code of Conduct it will set, maintain and enforce industry standards for professionalism, compliance and integrity.

Commenting on the creation of the NAJ, its co-chairman Andrew Hinds, director of high street jewellers F Hinds, says: “Buying jewellery requires a huge amount of trust in your jeweller and in giving them your precious items for repair – remodelling or valuation – even more so. Now, through the NAJ, consumers know how to find a jeweller they can trust; our logo demonstrates that the retailer carrying it has signed up to the strict Code of Conduct and is required to be professional and trustworthy.”

The NAJ’s Coat of Arms is a Mark of Quality that its members will display – a visible assurance of honour that will build a bond of trust between supplier and jewellery retailer, as well as retailer and consumer. And while the Association’s industry-wide ethical Code will work to ensure that disputes are rare occurrences, the NAJ provides a neutral disputes resolution service for any consumer complaints against its members.

Co-director Gary Wroe, managing director of fine jewellery manufacturer Hockley Mint, adds: “We have a mission to ensure the consumer is pivotal in creating integrity throughout our membership. Through a number of industry-focused steering groups we will make a significant difference to how the trade operates. With membership formed from manufacturing, distribution and retail we can ensure the NAJ is the nationally- and globally-recognised jewellery industry association.”

Alongside Andrew Hinds and Gary Wroe, the officers of the NAJ are: Patrick Fuller, president of WB The Creative Jewellery Group (president); Simon Johnson, owner of Marmalade Jewellery in Chiswick (vice-chairman) and Michael Rawlinson (chief executive). The Association operates from offices in London and the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

The newly-formed NAJ debuted its ‘Mark of Quality’ brand identity and Coat of Arms at the Jewellery & Watch Show in Birmingham earlier this month.