Nana Fink, a luxury jewellery house hailing from Basel, is looking to grow its international network of retailers beyond existing partners in New York, London, Biel, Lörrach, Zurich and St. Moritz.


The designer maker is well-connected with London’s fashion scene, which helped her secure a showcase of her work in Paul Smith’s flagship Mayfair store last year.


The showcase led to considerable interest in Nana Fink among the glossy magazine media, which she hopes to turn into a significant presence in the UK.

Nana Fink’s latest collection, Sophistquée, is strongly influenced by her time in New York, where she became hooked on the strong lines of Art Deco architecture.

The collection comprises rings, bangles, pendants, cufflinks and necklaces, and the pieces all come in silver, gold and platinum. Pieces can also be customised with hand-carved stones such as prasiolite, brown quartz, white quartz, black onyx, jade and more.

The Loewenkind collection, also presented at this year’s Baselworld, is designed around lions. Rings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, earrings, cufflinks and necklaces come in silver, gold and platinum.

“When I was a teenager I drew an image of myself metamorphosing into a lion child – the name of my collection Loewenkind. Lions symbolise strength, elegance and passion, yet at the same time protection and sensitivity,” Fink muses.