The Natural Diamond Journey Of Winning 510 Million Hearts

While many of us might have at this point decided 2021 was a year to forget, the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) feels differently.

It has issued a statement declaring 2021 a “benchmark year”, also describing its plans for 2022.

The organisation is particularly happy with its social media and online performance, citing 45 million website visits, more than 306 million impressions on social media and 210 million views on YouTube.


It also boasted over 450 collaborations with different brands, and continued its partnership with one of the most popular actresses of recent years.

NDC’s global ambassador, Ana de Armas, last year featured in the ‘Love Life’ campaign that celebrated the joy of reconnecting with loved ones and living each moment to the fullest.

Trend reports, live events and collaborations with Vogue India were also all on the agenda in 2021.

Richa Singh, managing director for India and the Middle East, said: “For us at Natural Diamond Council India, 2021 has been a benchmark year filled with many firsts.

“Our marketing efforts through 220 pieces of content, campaigns and partnerships saw us reach 510 million consumers.

“This is only the beginning and a snapshot of just a few of our initiatives of 2021.

“I look forward to 2022 being an even more successful year for everyone, as the world opens up and consumers continue to cherish, desire and live the natural diamond dream.”