Pearl has undergone certification by Bahrain Laboratory.

A natural pearl has been discovered in the sea of Bahrain with the word Allah said to be naturally marked on its surface, depicted in Arabic script.

While the faces of the Virgin Mary and Jesus might have been the found burnt into slices of toast – and more than once – this little wonder has now been certified as wholly natural and is already being dubbed the “Miracle of Allah”.


It has been certified by the Kingdom Of Bahrain’s Ministry of Industry & Commerce Gem & Pearl Testing Laboratory of Bahrain as a natural pearl.

The owner of the pearl intends to remain anonymous but stated that he bought the pearl a couple of years ago in Bahrain. He had initially thought the word Allah was manually engraved, however after several tests and certification it has been established that the appearance of the word on the pearl’s surface is “as natural as the pearl”.

The pearl’s certificate has been released which outlines that it has a button shape, is cream in colour and measures about 6.1mm across.

The owner of the pearl has quoted from the Quran: “The aspect of power in Allah is conspicuous, the aspect of the blessing and praiseworthy qualities also is not hidden.

“It is a blessing of God that these valuable things come out from the sea, and it is His Providence that for the satisfaction of the aesthetic taste of the creatures whom He had blessed with the taste for beauty and the lout and longing for adornment, He created all sorts of these beautiful things in His world.”