Netamo June bracelet "monitors UV exposure"


Wearable sensor bracelet designed to help maintain healthier skin.

Consumer electronics company Netatmo has launched its JUNE bracelet design with a jewel sensor that advises women on their sun and UV exposure in warm weather.

JUNE tracks UV intensity in real-time and the total sun exposure absorbed by the user’s skin throughout the day. Depending on the wearer’s skin type, the accompanying smartphone app calculates the suggested maximum daily exposure to avoid the risk of sun damage.

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The jewel sensor is mounted into a simple leather or silicone wraparound bracelet design – dubbed ‘The Personal Sun Coach’ – ensuring it is as discreet as possible.

This latest piece of wearable tech observes the habits of the user and can alert the wearer when they need to top up their sun cream, throw on a hat or put their sunglasses on.

Designed by French jewellery designer Camille Toupet, the jewel sensor is crafted to mimic a diamond with glimmering facets and is available in three colors; gold, platinum and gunmetal.

Netatmo chief executive officer and founder, Fred Potter, explained: “Our goal at Netatmo is to develop devices that measure the environment to help people better understand their surroundings, adapt their behavior accordingly and improve their daily lives. JUNE was created with this vision. We are proud to unveil the first bracelet that helps prevent sun damage in everyday life.”

JUNE will be available to order online from June 21 for £69, and will go on sale at Apple stores later this month. The JUNE App will be available on the App Store for free download compatible for iPhone 4S and above. 


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