Jersey Pearl Windsor has reported that it has seen a growing demand for its products following the array of pearl jewellery featured on Netflix hit – The Crown. 

The firm said that people inspired by the series are coming to the Windsor store to find out more about pearls and what it feels like to wear some of the Queen’s pearls – trying on replicas of famous necklaces.

Mike Taylor, head of brand, sees the series as significant for the retail pearl industry: “We predict that The Crown will have a massive influence on forthcoming fashion jewellery collections, as pearls get top billing on London’s catwalks.


“The series is already changing attitudes towards pearls, with a younger market seeing them as accessible, wearable glamour.”

Jersey Pearl Windsor is pushing its Crown Standard classic pearl string and Amberley earrings on the back of the series.

Taylor added: “The Crown has shown people that there are so many ways to wear pearls, and our collections means there’s something for everyone, so we can successfully meet this demand.”

The 10-part show tells the story of the years from Princess Elizabeth’s wedding in 1947, moving through her reign to the 1956 Suez Crisis.