Rough diamond jewellery by Saqqara, a brand founded by Lady Dalit Nuttall.

Lady Dalit Nuttall unveils range after 20 years in finance.

Saqqara, a new British jewellery brand, has made its debut offering fine rough diamond jewellery with RRPs upwards of £2,175.

The collection of jewellery features white and natural coloured rough diamonds presented as both high jewellery neckpieces and brooches and single diamond pendants or chain bracelets.


The company has also launched its website to coincide with its market inauguration, complete with campaign video and lookbook.

Saqqara was founded by Lady Dalit Nuttall, a businesswoman with more than 20 years’ experience in finance. She has previously worked for Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Wachovia MD, and is current principle of West Valley Capital.

Lady Nuttall said of the brand’s launch: “My earliest and fondest memories of my father come from time spent with him in his jewellery workshops in Stockholm. He never tired of my endless questions about the stones and metals he made into jewels; his ideas came from deep inside a mythical place he always called Saqqara – the natural treasury of special things.

“Having spent the last 20 years happily engaged in the world of finance, it’s been wonderful to revisit my roots and discover that Saqqara is just as real as I remember it. Our first collection of classic designs seeks to echo nature’s raw charisma, character and cachet.”

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