Totem Adornments, a new jewellery brand from founder and designer Paddy Dickinson, aims to promote conscious consumerism.

10% of all profits from each item will be channelled in to the Totem Foundation, an initiative which invites individuals, businesses, community organisations, libraries, schools, and museums to suggest their own unique proposal for projects that support the preservation of stories.

Each piece and all packaging are created using recycled and sustainable materials from sacred seeds sourced in Bali, recycled silver and rose gold, and handmade paper from eco plants in the Himalayas. The brand was born out of the belief that stories and seeds are precious commodities that bind us together. All pieces are cast, assembled and hallmarked in London.


Dickinson’s love of storytelling inspired the designs, seen across four capsule collections. The Sacred Seeds, Story Keeper, Story Leaves and Story Weaves necklaces delicately blend seeds, hand woven rose gold, recycled silver and personalised stories and messages.