Victoria Waugh, formerly the face behind Fairtrade’s work on gold, has teamed up with supply chain traceability expert, Vanessa Brain, to provide tailored consultancy services to jewellery and fashion businesses, in a language that’s easy to understand. 

Launching ahead of the Fair Luxury conference next week, the duo will work collectively with jewellers and manufacturers to help them understand their footprint on the world and grow a profitable, sustainable businesses.

Services offered by the duo via an agency named V&V will include support to identify supply chain risks, source responsibly produced materials, meet certification or legislation requirements, and better communicate with customers.


Co-founder, Victoria Waugh, shares: “During my eight years working on Fairtrade Gold I met lots of businesses struggling to improve the way they work.  But it doesn’t have to be difficult or take a vast amount of time and money.  Working responsibly, whether that’s understanding where your materials come from or meeting certification requirements, is a journey. V&V can help you identify your priorities, plan how to achieve them and make working responsibly add value to your business.”

V&V aims to become the first port of call for jewellery and fashion companies wishing to improve the sustainability of their business and bring transparency to the way they work.

From established organisations requiring strategic support, to start-ups navigating the complex world of sustainability, the founders will share their expertise in these growing areas allowing clients to take control of their supply chains and provide end-consumers with traceable products.

“Pressure on jewellers to clean up their act continues to increase, thanks to movements like the Human Rights Watch #BehindTheBling campaign and Fair Luxury’s ‘Provenance Pledge’.  V&V believe that by working together we can improve the jewellery sector to the benefit of all in the supply chain,” says Waugh.

Interested parties are invited to visit their new website for full details –