Michele Whittam, Phil Ainsworth, Jason Allum & Andrew Hirshman join.

Four new retailers are making their ascent to the board of directors of The Company of Master Jewellers.

The new directors, who were previously shadowing the board, are Michele Whittam of Hemstock’s Jewellers, Phil Ainsworth of Ainsowrth Jewellers, Jason Allum of Allum & Sidaway and Andrew Hirshman of Drakes.


Whittham, Ainsworth, Allum and Hirshman are now fully opted onto the board of directors and are undergoing corporate governance training. They will be put forward for formal ratification in 2013.

Speaking about his links to the CMJ, Allum described a long-standing family history with the buying group. He said: “My late grandfather founded the CMJ and the offices were based in our Salisbury office for a time. He is a great inspiration to me, and so is the existing [CMJ] board and what they have achieved in the past four or five years.”