New e-tail site promises to help small designers

Blu Circle Galleria will charge 20p per product listing on site.

A new e-marketplace platform called Blu Circle Galleria has been launched to help small business, designers and craftspeople sell their wares to the public.

Made to help designers in what it calls "an ever more competitive marketplace", Blu Circle Galleria, an online e-tail platform at, had launched a new platform specifically designed to help small businesses. 

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This new concept brings together the products of designers, craftspeople and small businesses onto a well marketed, one-stop website that promises high traffic from both female and male customers of all ages. The site was officially launch in the UK on May 5, though it is still taking on new designers before becoming full transactional.

It will feature a varied product mix including jewellery, accessories, giftware, cosmtics and women’s and men’s clothing. Producers creating items in any of these categories are able to display their products on the site for a small upload fee of just 20p per item for 3 month listing, up to a limit of 50 products, and then pay a commission to the site for each order generated.

For the initial 3 month period during the site’s entry into the UK market, businesses can upload all products for free and so only pay a commission when products are sold.

The new site has been set up by owner and director Nicholas Rabicano. Having worked with a number of SME’s and with micro and small business owners he became aware of the fact that there are very few cost-effective opportunities by which small businesses and sole traders can present their products to a broad base of potential customers.

The concept of the platform will "enable businesses to benefit from high traffic and high visibility of their products, but without the need for expensive advertising or marketing."

Rabicano says: "blucirclegalleria.comis aimed at customers who shop online, with an emphasis on unique, high quality and well designed products at fair prices. We are sure that browsing through this new site will be as much fun as reading an interior or fashion magazine.”




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