London jewellery brand The Alkemistry has announced its intentions to tackle issues of sexism within the “male-dominated” industry with a new apprentice training scheme for female designers.

The brand hopes that the year-long scheme will provide women with practical skills and personal development to kickstart a career in jewellery design.

The Alkemistry has selected three young female employees and enrolled them into a year-long apprenticeship scheme at the store.


Each week they have a day’s training, delving into the theoretic and technical aspects of different themes each month.

They will gain knowledge and experience in CAD, piercing, gemmology, casting, polishing, plating and more.

Founder Kirsty Gibbs commented: “Jewellery manufacturing in the UK is male-dominated, with women only taking a very small majority.

“It is a difficult industry for women to get into, which limits innovation or development of female
manufacturing capabilities.

“With this in mind, The Alkemistry have taken matters into their own hands and created an apprenticeship scheme to help young women gain a deeper knowledge of jewellery, retailing and manufacturing.

“Female empowerment is at the heart of everything we do; from the female designers and female-founded brands we stock, to the predominantly female workforce”.