Glasgow School of Art (GSA) has debuted its new Bus Stop Jewellery Conversations project, which will aim to start discussions in public places using jewellery as a jumping-off point.

This comes from the GSA’s sliversmithing and jewellery department, in partnership with leading curator and commentator Corinne Julius.

With its first webinar launching yesterday, the project is based on the idea that unusual jewellery pieces can spark conversation with anyone in any place.


Corinne Julius commented: “We increasingly live in our own silos and echo chambers not engaging with people outside our own circles.

“The wonderful thing about contemporary jewellery is how it can be the catalyst for conversations with so many different people.

“Sitting at a bus stop I have had many fascinating conversations which only came about because of a particular piece of jewellery that I was wearing.

“It is through conversations like these that we can break down barriers, both perceived and real, and find points of contact in an increasingly fragmented world.”

Meanwhile, Anna Gordon, head of silversmithing and jewellery at the GSA, added: “Through the Bus Stop Jewellery Conversations project we want to explore contemporary jewellery as a stimulus for social interaction.

“Working with contemporary jewellers and students we will look at new ways to engage people with a wide range of important social and environmental themes.

“We are delighted to launch the project today with a webinar which brings together some leading thinkers and makers including acclaimed photographer Robert Taylor, our silver and silversmithing and jewellery artist in residence Shawn Zhang, our former GSA colleague Jonathan Boyd, who famously designed the 2014 Commonwealth Games medals, jeweller and academic, Maria Hanson and of course Corinne Julius who has been absolutely central to the development of the Bus Stop Jewellery Conversations idea.”