House of Gübelin has unveiled its new gemstone rating system which it hopes will provide a new way to categorise coloured gems, similar to the way diamonds are rated.

The House of Gübelin is a Swiss, family-owned firm known for its high-end jewellery and gemstone expertise, founded in 1854.

It has now created the Gübelin Gemstone Rating, which it says is similar to the ‘four Cs’ of diamond rating.


So far, it revealed, there is no common language for the categorising of coloured gemstones.

It hopes its new system, inspired by the point-based wine-rating system, will fill that void.

It examines three factors – quality, rarity and salience – in order to create a score out of 100.

Raphael Gübelin, president of the House of Gübelin, explained: “The more you know about coloured gems, the more you value them.

“With the Gemstone Rating and Gübelin Points, we offer more transparency, comparability and orientation. This benefits everyone buying or selling coloured gems.”