Instagram has rolled out two new tools which will strengthen the e-commerce side of the app.

As shopping becomes bigger business for the social media app, updates have been made to make browsing and buying even easier for users.

In a double launch, shoppable posts in Instagram Stories will go global, and the app’s ‘Explore’ tab will get dedicated shopping channels


The update means brands and businesses will have significantly more ways to get their products in front of users. Unlike typical Stories ads, which businesses pay for, shoppable Stories posts contain stickers that link directly to specific products – meaning jewellers can highlight products in a more natural way.

Separately, the new shopping channels in the Explore tab will show users products based on their interests.

The Explore app already shows users posts based on interests, and now the app will use this data to boost sales for businesses.

In the jewellery industry Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for businesses, thanks to its visual-first premises and ability to showcase a brand’s values and stories easily.

Many emerging jewellery designers have been able to kick-start their business on Instagram, while big brands bolster exposure and grow their communities on the app.

While no stats have been released on how big is a business e-commerce actually is for Instagram, an investment in shopping tools reveal Facebook (who owns the app) sees it as a huge opportunity for growth, and reports claim plans are in place to eventually launch a standalone Instagram Shopping app.