British jewellery brand Lucille London, which has used 100% recycled gold for the last decade, is not resting on its laurels when it comes to sustainability in 2021.

The brand, which became a Fairtrade-registered goldsmith last year, has announced that it will now offer a jewellery recycling and refining service “on an international scale”.

The initiative is in partnership with bullion refining professionals in London’s Hatton Garden, the capital’s home of jewellery.


Throughout its history, the brand has worked with clients to repair, remodel, redesign and restyle their jewellery.

“Offering an additional level of service to recycle unworn or unwanted jewellery items was the obvious next step to aid in a sustainable jewellery industry,” read a statement from the brand.

Recycling jewellery with Lucille London will provide a host of options for customers.

In return, they can choose a made-to-order item from the brand which will then be made using recycled metal.

Alternatively, they can received their metal in the form of bullion or ingot, or request a store voucher. Scrap metal or precious stones can also be donated.