School also launches Christmas gift cards for jewellery courses.

L’Ecole Van Cleef Arpels has announced three new modules following the success of its inaugural courses launched in February this year.

The Parisian jewellery school described the new modules as “continuing the discovery of the maison’s exceptional artisitic craftsmanship”. The new courses are focused on three areas: Art Nouveau, Talisman Jewels and Gemstone Investigation.


The first will look at the 20 years of the Art Nouveau movement and its fundamental characteristics in jewellery design, exploring the ways in which designers created pieces without taboos, new shapes and techniques, innovative materials.

The second module is focused on talismanic jewellery and will delve into “a poetic world, ruled by gentle nature and the stars, transformed and made sublime by the imagination and skill of man”. The module will consider the symbolic meaning of gemstones and the use of talismans by everyone from the Moghuls to Elizabeth Taylor.

The final module, Gemstone Investigation, will develop the learner’s understanding of gems following on the from L’Ecole’s Interpreting Gemstones module.

The school is also launching gift certificates allowing recipients to attend one or several sessions at L’Ecole Van Cleef Arpels in Paris, which can be purchased online via the school’s website.