MusicStream has been founded by a group of music industry professionals and launched to the UK market at Spring Fair this week.

MusicStream creates original music costing as little as £10 a month.

A new music service is claiming to be able to save UK retailers £3 million in 2012 on music license fees.

MusicStream, set up this year by a group of music industry professionals, claims to be the world’s first exclusively PRS-free and PPL-free digital music service.


Retailers playing licensed music have to pay fees to PPL and PRS which are then passed on to the artists, but MusicStream has jumped this financial hurdle by creating original music tailored to different types of retailers and hospitality groups.

The service is set up in a similar way to Spotify and allows retailers to stream music into their stores through devices such as laptops and iPads for as little as £10 a month.

Fridrik Karlsson, an ex-guitarist with European band Mezzoforte and founder of music label iChill is one of the company’s founders. He said: “I’ve been creating and marketing a range of royalty free CDs for 10 years and I was receiving more and more emails and calls from my website, from retailers who wanted to avoid PPL and PRS music licence costs.”

MusicStream launched to the UK market at Spring Fair in Birmingham this week whereit offered retailers a free 28-day trial of its services, which it claim could save a retail chain with 100 stores as much as £100,000 a year – a reduction in spending on music services of 70%.

MusicStream chief executive Jeff Stewart said: “If we achieve our expected number of new sites in 2012, we will save those customers a total of £3 million in year one alone. It’s significantly more cost effective than licensed options and we believe the music speaks for itself.”